Paul’s Health

Following our last post Paul has now undergone open heart surgery. The operation went according to plan but he is facing a lengthy period of recovery. As a result there will be very little activity or gigs for the remainder of this year. As always we will let you know as and when the situation changes.

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  1. Johan vercammen

    Ik wens je een spoedig herstel. Zonder jouw was er geen Mungo jerry.

  2. Kevin Irwin

    Get well soon Paul

  3. Kevin Bennett

    Hello there. I run the Mungo Jerry Fans Facebook page. Someone just posted about your recent surgery. I had a quadruple bypass in October 2022 and feel much better for it. The few days in the hospital after the op, were the worst for me. Since then, I have felt better each day. Eating healthily and walking regularly. You got this. Hope you are feeling well soon. Heres to many more good years. Take care.

  4. All the best to Paul,and may he soon come back on top, and make more music again. Cheers John here from Denmark say hi to Paul from me

  5. Stuart Turner

    All the best Paul. I hope you get back behind your guitar very soon. Take care, Stuart

  6. John Seal

    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

  7. Anonymous

    wish him all the best, he deserves this appreciation for who he is and what he means

    roel van ekeris
    big fan from the netherlands

  8. Jean-jacques

    I wish the very best, and an healthy come back !!
    A bientôt

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