1970 Mungo Jerry

In The Summertime, Mighty Man/Dust Pneumonia Blues (Dawn DNX2502)

1970 LP - Mungo Jerry (DNLS3008)

(Baby Let’s Play House/Johnny B.Badde/San Francisco Bay Blues/Sad Eyed Joe/Maggie/Peace In The Country/See Me/Movin’ On/My Friend/Mother *!*!*! Boogie/Tramp/Daddie’s Brew)

1971 Mungo Jerry

Baby Jump/The Man Behind The Piano/Live From Hollywood (Dawn DNX 2505)

1971 Mungo Jerry

Lady Rose, Have a Whiff On Me/Milk Cow Blues/Little Louis (Dawn DNX 2510)

1971 Mungo Jerry

You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War, The Sun Is Shining/O’Reilly, We Shall Be Free (Dawn DNX 2513)

1971 Mungo Jerry

Santo Antonio, Santo Francisco/Peace In The Country (Pye P 67030) ITALY

1971 Mungo Jerry LP - Electronically Tested (DNLS 3020)

(She Rowed/I Just Wanna Make Love To You/In The Summertime/Somebody Stole My Wife/Baby Jump/Follow Me Down/Memoirs Of a Stockbroker/You Better Leave That Whisky Alone.Coming Back To You When The Time Comes)

1971 Mungo Jerry LP – Baby Jump (Electronically Tested) (Pye 85 2671T) GERMANY

(Baby Jump/Somebody Stole My Wife/I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Black Bubonic Plague/She Rowed/Follow Me Down/Coming Back To You When The Time Comes/You Better Leave That Whisky Alone/Memoirs Of a Stockbroker/The Man Behind The Piano)

1971 Mungo Jerry LP – You Don’t Have To Be In The Army (DNLS  3028)

(You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War/Ella Speed/Pigeon Stew/Take Me Back/Give Me Love/Hey Rosalyn/Northcote Arms/There’s a Man Going Round Taking Names/Simple Things/On a Sunday/That Old Dust Storm)

1971 LP – Paul Brett’s Sage - Jubilation Foundry (DNLS 3021)

(Paul played harp on ‘Good Old Fashioned Funky Kind Of Music’)

1972 Paul King

Whoa Buck/Zoe (Dawn DNS1023)

1972 LP – Paul King - Been In The Pen Too Long (DNLS 3035)

(Grey Eyed Athena/Jean Harlow/Sugarcane/3 Dog Night/Whoa Buck/Clockwork Machine/Candy Man/I’ve Changed My Face/One Legged Man In a Goldfish Bowl)

1972 King Earl Boogie Band

Plastic Jesus/If The Lord Don’t Get You (Dawn DNS 1024)

1972 LP – King Earl Boogie Band – Trouble At Mill (DNLS 3040)

(Bad Storm Coming/Take Me Back/Live Your Own Life P. Mc/Bovver Blues/Plastic Jesus/If The Lord Don’t Get You/Goin’ To German/Keep Your Hands Off My Woman/Go Down You Murderers)

1972 King Earl Boogie Band

Starlight/Goin’ To German (DNS 1028)

1973 P. Rufus King

Look At Me Now/Nobody Knows (Dawn DNS1031)

1974 D’Jurann Jurann

Streakin’/Oh Janine (Dawn DNS1068)

1975 Levi Gumble

Round and Round/Tramp (Phillips 6078 550) FRANCE

1977 LP - P. King

Metal Guru (Various artists) FRANCE

1980 Jigilo Jug Band - Live At The Limping Whippet

12” Single : Jigilo Stomp/Houdini/Money For Rope/Training The Whippet/Irene Goodnight (Performance PERF1)

1980 Skeleton Crew

– Money For Rope/Training The Whippet (CBS 9026)

(Different version)

1984 P. King

– Hey Rosalyn/Lyin’ Again (Red Bus RBUS79)

1984 Russian Roulette

– Come Into My Room/Lyin’ Again (Red Bus RBUS86)

1987 Skeleton Crew

BOOGIE WOOGIE SKIFFLE & BLUES : Live For Today/One More Time/Sly Munjer Blues/Ain’t Superstitious (B# BS1)

1987 FAN CLUB CASSETTE – Paul King – Visions Of Paul – (PK1)

(Never Be Sad/Vision Of You/Dressed To Kill/Sailor’s Farewell/You Are The One/Wind Of Change/Children Of Darkness/Phobia/Hey Good Lookin’/Russian Roulette)

1988 Skeleton Crew

– House Of The Rising Sun/Hurricane Janine (B# white label promo)

1989 FAN CLUB CASSETTE – Paladin – Star Sign (PK2)

(Zodiac/September Slave/Goddess Of War/Lady Of The Moon/Queen Of The Storm/Lady With The Red Red Hair/Camila La More/In The Night)

1992 CD - Skeleton Crew – The Complete Works – (Prestige CDSGP 019)

(Hey Gyp/My Babe/Voodoo/Creepin’ Like Jesus/Breakfast At Tea Time/Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright/Gypsy Davey/Russian Roulette/She Belongs To Me/Houdini/Live For Today/Song For Frank/Knocking On Heaven’s Door/38 Plug/Boogie Woogie/Hey Good Lookin’)

1995 CD – King Earl Boogie Band – The Mill Is Gone – (A New Day CD4)

(Plastic Jesus/Can’t Get The Stuff/Wind Of Change/Feel So Good/Long Tall Women/Bottle Up & Go/Leavin’ Trunk/Cocaine/San Francisco Bay Blues/Sophicticated Mama/Taste For Alcohol/Whenever I See Her/Round and Round/Valentine’s Blues/Whoa Buck/Built For Comfort/Fixin’ To Die)

1995 CD - Paul King – Houdini’s Moon – (A New Day CD5)

(Houdini/Children Of Darkness/Listen To Reason/Station Called Love/Sugarcane/Enemy No.1/Flying Machine/All In The Night/Losing Your Love/Tramp/Saturday Matinee/If You See My Baby/Cardboard City/Buffalo Song/Vigilante Man/Debora/Phobia/Yesterday’s Gone/On and On)

1995 CD – Paul King – Been In The Pen Too Long/King Earl Boogie Band – Trouble At Mill – (See For Miles SEECD429)

(Disc 1 : Grey Eyed Athena/Jean Harlow/Sugarcane/Three Dog Night/Whoa Buck/Clockwork Machine/Candy Man/I’ve Changed My Face/One Legged Man In The Goldfish Bowl)

(Disc 2 : Bad Storm Coming/Take Me Back/Live Your Own Life/Bovver Blues/Plastic Jesus/If The Lord Don’t Get You/Goin’ To German/Keep Your Hands Off My Woman/Go Down You Murderers)

1995 CD - Paul King

Houdini/Debora/Listen To Reason (Kingbee GBCD001)

2005 CD – Skeleton Crew – Scraping The Bone (Live in Cornwall, October 2004) – (Web site release)

(Keep Your Hands Off Her/We Shall Be Free/King Bee/She Belongs To Me/38 Plug/Going Up The Country/Midnight Special)

2005 CD – Skeleton Crew – Live at the Phoenix, August 2005) – (Web site release)

(My Babe/Cocaine/San Francisco Bay Blues/Keep Your Hands Off/King Bee/Creepin’ Like Jesus/Maggie’s Farm/Move That Thing/Going Up The Country/Maylou/Hard Rain/She Belongs To Me/38 Plug)

2005 CD – Paul King – Daughters Of Heaven) – (Web site release)

(The Masters : Zodiac/Goddess Of War/Lady Of The Moon/September’s Slave/Queen Of The Storm)

(The Kitchen Tapes : Zodiac/Sugarcane/Libra Love/Lady Of The Moon/Woman Of Fire/Angelina/The Girl Who’s Got No Name/Goddess Of War/My Gemini/Saturn Gives Birth/September’s Slave/Queen Of The Storm/Heaven Scent)

2005 CD – Paul King ‘s…Last Supper? – (A New Day AND 101)

(Disc 1 : Busker’s Dawn/Lady With The Red Red Hair/Sad Sad Song/If You See My Baby/Now You Know/Round & Round/Station Called Love/Camila La More/You Are The One/Never Be Sad/Nobody Loves Me/Saturday Matinee/No One To Phone/Wind Of Change)

CD2 : Jigilo Stomp/Money For Rope/Go Back To School/Phobia/Sailor’s Farewell/Dressed To Kill/Vision Of You/Live For Today/Ain’t Superstitious/Hurricane Janine/Voodoo/Banks Of The Ohio/Working On The Railroad/The Rain)

2007 CD – Paul King – Hey Hey – (Web site release)

(Hey Hey/Somebody Light Me a Fire/Long Black Veil/Voodoo)

2007 CD – Paul King – Wind Of Change (1970 – 1995) – (Sanctuary CMQDD 1237)

(Disc 1 : In The Summertime/The Man Behind The Piano/Sad Eyed Joe/Tramp/Hey Rosalyn/Little Louis/Whoa Buck/Grey Eyed Athena/Zoe/Mad Buffalo/Clockwork Machine/Plastic Jesus/Bad Storm Coming/Look At Me Now/Park Lane/Nobody Knows/Lady With The Red Red Hair/Oh Janine/Round and Round/Camila La More)

CD2 : Queen Of The Storm/September’s Slave/Zodiac/You Are The One/Never Be Sad/Saturday Matinee/No One To Phone/Houdini/Money For Rope/Jigilo Stomp/Phobia/Go Back To School/Sailor’s Farewell/Come Into My Room/Lyin’ Again/Live For Today/If You See My Baby/Voodoo Blues/Gypsy Davey/Listen To Reason/Sugarcane/Wind Of Change)

2014 CD – Skeleton Crew – Skullduggery – (Web site release)

(Will You Kiss Will You Dance/Coming Home/Saturday Matinee/Gotta Let You Go/It Ain’t Me Babe/Love Sick Blues/Candy Man/Lonely Nights/Goin’ To German/Sophisticated Mamma/Bad Connection/Ain’t Superstitious)

2017 CD – Minoan Blue – (Web site release)

(Vision Of You/Came The Man With The News/Live For Today/Hey Hey/Gypsy Davey/Listen To Reason/Some You Lose Some You Win/Dust Storm)

2017 CD – Skeleton Crew – Eclipse Of The Willow – (Web site release)

(My Babe/Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright/Can’t Judge a Book/Voodoo/Creepin’ Like Jesus/Maggie/Stackolee/The Ballad Of Ugly Sue/38 Plug/Houdini/She Belongs To Me/Song For Frank/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door/Boogie Woogie/Hey Good Lookin’/Live For Today/Long Tall Women/Let’s Work Together)

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