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Acoustic Guitars and vocals.

Rupert WillderRupert Willder started playing guitar at six years of age and was classically trained until he was thirteen. For the next three or four years he was influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young amongst others. By the time he got into his first band at seventeen he was under the influence of J J Cale, Ry Cooder, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh... to name but a few.

Since then, he has worked in Woodstock, N.Y. with Earl Bennett's Seventh Son blues band, in France, Ireland and, of course, at home in the UK, where he was a founder member of the prog rock band "Tantalus". Since moving to Cornwall in 2000, where he was also a co-founder of The Funkwits, he has played with blues outfit Wammajamma and for the last seven years has played with blues rock band Bird On A Wire.

Sacré Bleu is his newest venture with Paul King and brings a welcome return to the acoustic guitar.