A founder member of 70s pop legends Mungo Jerry this Paul King is not to be confused with his namesake from the 80s. Paul started playing blues harp at the age of 14 and progressed to banjo at 16. He took up the guitar while convalescing from an appendix operation and started to write songs. The rest, as they say … is history.

Gigs Update


As Chris and Colin are travelling around the country with Jackie Lynton to support the Chas and Dave tour there are very few gigs in the pipeline for Surrey.

However, the good news is that Paul has been busy playing gigs in Crete and will be doing so again towards the end of September, and throughout October. He will be collaborating with local Cretan musicians, which will involve a number of gigs in Crete plus a local radio broadcast and the recording of seven tracks including five of Paul’s songs. We hope to be able to release a CD of these towards the end of the year.

The musicians are all highly respected in Crete and play traditional instruments including the Lyra, Bouzouki, Laouto and Mandolin to provide a unique sound. This is an exciting project and we look forward to providing more information just as soon as we can.


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